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Are you losing impact because of inaccuracies in conventional translations?

  • Editors, referees, and other readers do not understand what you are trying to convey.
  • Months of work are not reflected in your publication..
  • Your ideas are not conveyed in the style and conventions of your field.
  • You ask yourself whether your manuscript is aligned with the requirements of your target journal or publisher.
  • You continue to wonder whether your publication is using the most appropriate specialist English terminology..
  • You keep striving to preserve the original meaning of your ideas.

If this sounds familiar, our Scientific Translation Service can help you to clearly and accurately convey your ideas to make a greater impact.

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What does your scientific translation service include?


For scientific authors who wish to translate their Spanish text into clear and precise scientific English, either before submission to the journal or once it has been accepted for publication.

  • Translation by a translator who is an expert in their field to ensure conventions and specialized terminology are used properly.
  • Editing by a native English editor who is an expert in their field to guarantee correct and natural-sounding English.
  • Your text aligned with the most appropriate scientific style, taking the requirements of your target journal or publisher.
  • Revision by an expert in scientific publishing with suggestions to help you maintain a focus on publication.
  • Unlimited rounds of clarification on the translation.
  • Unlimited translations and revisions following the clarification rounds.
  • An additional translation or revision of new or amended text.

Meet your scientific editors

Our scientific editors, who are experts in their field and native English speakers, have helped hundreds of researchers clearly convey their results with clear, accurate adjustments to sound like a native English author. We are ready to help you.

We master your area of study

We have already helped hundreds of scientific authors to clearly and accurately convey their ideas in all fields and in a wide variety of disciplines.

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Specialized in your scientific journal

Whatever your target journal and scientific publisher, we know the author guide. We have already supported numerous researchers in clearly and accurately conveying their new ideas in the best journals and publishers. Here are some examples.

Neurology, de la American Academy of Neurology.

PLOS ONE, de la Public Library of Science.

Food Reviews International, de Taylor & Francis.

Journal of Bridge Engineering, de la American Society of Civil Engineers.

European Review of Private Law, de Wolters Kluwer.

How much does an inaccurate scientific translation cost?

An inaccurate, literal, or unclear translation can result in you losing the original meaning of your ideas, results, and methods. Ineditum’s Spanish to English Translation Service for scientific texts is designed to help scientific authors convey their ideas more clearly and accurately; we pay careful attention to what you, as the author, want to express. You have worked hard in your research and on preparing your manuscript—you should not lose impact by a text in English that alienates your readers. Ineditum is not just a scientific translation agency. Our unique team dedicated to scientific authors will help you whether you are a researcher in the health field, an academic in the social sciences, or a researcher in engineering. If you are not translating your Spanish texts into clear and accurate scientific English, you are losing impact.

To get started with your scientific translation service, we first need you to tell us about your manuscript and your target journal or scientific publisher. Within the agreed timeframe, you will receive your translated text, with suggestions to help you maintain an impact-oriented approach to publication, and we will provide you with all the support you may need. Your manuscript will be translated and revised according to the style and conventions of your field, as well as the requirements of your target journal and publisher. Let us get us started with your translation service.

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With 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • All the post-translation assistance you need until publication.
  • We ensure the delivery of your translation within the agreed deadline.
  • Keep your manuscript strictly confidential.
  • We adapt to your institution’s payment requirements.

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The Ineditum team can take care of the clear and accurate translation of any type of scientific article to be published by a publisher or in a scientific journal. Some examples are:

  • Research articles

  • Review articles

  • Systematic reviews

  • Narrative reviews

  • Meta-analyses

  • Short original articles

  • Editorials

  • Clinical notes

  • Clinical cases

  • Research methodology articles

  • Scientific Letters

  • Letters to the editor

  • Conference papers

  • Book chapters

As scientific authors, we have suffered the inaccuracies of conventional scientific translation in our scientific articles. Translations that do not respect the nuances of scientific language and do not sufficiently take into account the specific requirements of the target journal or publisher that will publish our manuscript. Therefore, with your scientific translation service, we devote the necessary time and care to ensure that your English text maintains its original meaning and is conveyed in accordance with the most appropriate style, terminology, and conventions. In addition, a publishing expert reviews your manuscript to ensure that it is ready for submission to your target journal or publisher. We are more than a scientific translation agency.

Our Spanish to English translation service for scientific texts is designed to provide you with all the assistance you may need until publication. We know that a manuscript may require changes up to the time of publication. We care about the final quality of your text. That is why our post-translation assistance accompanies you throughout the whole process until publication. This assistance includes unlimited rounds of clarification on the translation and correction of your text, unlimited translations and corrections as a result of the clarification rounds, as well as a translation or correction of new or modified text that you incorporate as a result of the editor’s or peer reviewers’ comments.

All our translations are revised by a second bilingual translator to ensure that the text maintains the original meaning as well as undergoing strict final quality controls. We believe that these two additional steps are essential to ensure that you receive a native-level text of publication quality. We follow the ISO 11669 and ISO 17100 standards for translation quality.

We recommend that you provide us with your journal or publisher at the time of order confirmation. This will allow us to carefully observe any particular linguistic requirements of the journal.

Our publishing experts are proficient in the author guidelines of academic, scientific, and medical journals and review your manuscript according to the elements required by your target journal or publisher, providing suggestions that will help you maintain your approach to publication. Specifically, we review the length, appropriateness and/or style of the following elements:

  • Title

  • Abstract

  • Keywords

  • Title of manuscript sections

  • Quotations and references

Each manuscript we work on will be transmitted in clear and precise language, in accordance with the linguistic and stylistic conventions and norms of your field of study and target publisher or journal. If our work does not meet your expectations, or those of the editor or peer reviewers, we will work on your manuscript as a matter of priority and at no additional cost, until publication. If your manuscript is rejected due to language issues, we will reimburse you for the cost of the service. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.